We out here grindin', we workin'

DJ Zammy Z keeping it real in Los Angeles...

DJ Zammy Z keeping it real in Los Angeles...

For those who haven't heard the song "Workin'" by JamestheMormon -- go check it out. This song has been my anthem ever since making the move to Los Angeles.

"Tell me how to do it and I do
Fuelin' my ambition like I'm fillin' up a pool
Ain't my choice but it's up to me to choose
Hammered out my goals like I'm workin' with my tools
On the same page like the headline news
Even Jimmy Fallon couldn’t shake me out my roots
Best foot forward like we dancin' with a groove
We gon' stay grindin' 'til we all make a move"

To help get things kickstarted I paired up with a company called VOX DJs and have done several weddings, private parties, showers, and multiple other events. Needless to say, I've kept the same caliber of entertainment here in the L.A. area as we did back in NYC. Check out what people are saying about me on Yelp: https://www.yelp.com/biz/vox-djs-manhattan-beach?q=gabriel

My brother Joe has been keeping it hopping for NYC events as well. I fly out to the East Coast periodically to refill my soul with the vibrant life Manhattan brings. Both cities have their own flavor and beat. The best part is that JG Music Productions truly has become a coast-to-coast business, and we couldn't be more proud. 

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