Disc jockey, video jockey and entrepreneur Joseph Zamora -- aka DJ Joe Rock -- is a purveyor of deep, infectious dance rhythms and a feel-good atmosphere.

Born and raised in Queens, New York, Joseph's true passion for the art of spinning began at the age of 14 when he became mesmerized by his brother Gabriel's idea of becoming a DJ. 

At the age of 19 Joseph was sent to Portugal to pursue being a missionary for his church.  While on his mission, he gained the ability to speak the Portuguese language as well as be exposed to a variety of European styles of music. It was during his time there that his music knowledge broadened and today it is one of the reasons he is able to rock, not only the American and Latin community, but also the Portuguese community of New York City.  

Upon returning to New York, Joseph immediately felt the desire to reunite the dream he and Gabriel had.  Joseph convinced his brother Gabriel to MC a wedding, and ended up rocking the party so well that it re-ignited his brother’s passion for entertaining crowds.

Since then, Joseph's passion grew bigger to the point he decided to aggressively pursue DJ’ing as a full-time career and joined forces with his brother Gabriel to form what is now JG Music Productions.

Joseph's ever-evolving DJ’ing skills have brought him into a diverse array of styles and genres of music. He is able to easily mix and match a music set that will stimulate his client’s interest, while intensifying the mood and excitement of any event.  

As the musical flair behind JG Music Production, DJ Joe Rock has been rockin’ crowds at a variety of venues throughout the five boroughs of New York City, Long Island and New Jersey.  He combines his experience and professionalism with your dreams to produce the perfect ambiance and vibe for your event.    

No event is ever too small or too big. Whether it's a small intimate affair, a 300 person wedding, or an elaborate corporate event -- DJ Joe Rock’s greatest asset of being able to rock a crowd will keep people on the dance floor and moving to the rhythmic beats of his mixes.

With the latest equipment, an untouchable mixing style and his creative skills, DJ Joe Rock will turn any ordinary event into something extraordinary!