Never a dull moment

Starry Night Wedding - Photo by Michael J. Ramos |

Starry Night Wedding - Photo by Michael J. Ramos |

Hey everyone! We had quite a busy year in 2014, thanks to many weddings and private events. 

This past year we also had a lot of success with our video DJ services, and rocking out various pubs around New York City. So for all those wallflowers out there that don't want to dance but still want to be entertained - you're welcome. 

Staying on top of the latest hits so that we can serve crowds the very best takes a lot of hard work. Aside from the boring paperwork and subscriptions needed to provide this content, it takes time to prep videos so that we can pull them up the moment they're requested. It also takes a lot of work to find the latest remixes and pair them with the right videos.

So when you ask your friendly neighborhood DJ/VJ for that hot tune, remember to thank them for their hard work. It's not as easy as the commercials make it sound.