Looking for a way to turn a regular party into an unforgettable one? Bring in your own karaoke DJ!

Karaoke DJ Gabriel belts out some smooth tunes...

Karaoke DJ Gabriel belts out some smooth tunes...

Rentals only go so far, and sometimes it's hard to get your friends motivated. But with one of JG's karaoke DJs, your friends will forget their stage fright and belt out their favorite tunes. (Singing on key is totally optional)

With more than 150,000 songs, JG Music Productions has mobile karaoke DJs available for private events or companies looking to add a unique element to their venue in the Greater Los Angeles area. Our karaoke services include large flat screen TVs, digital projectors, top of the line sound systems, multiple mics for group songs, and a vast digital playlist selection so searching for your favorite artist or song is easy!

Our digital playlist selection includes:

  • Duets
  • Movie & TV Show classics
  • Children's songs
  • Holiday songs
  • Various languages or cultural songs

In the off chance you can't find your favorite song, let our DJ know and he will download it from our karaoke servers. We also have audio options between instrumental only, vocal backup singers, or sing along with vocals. 

Big or small party, JG Music Productions has you covered. Same day service depending on availability.