When looking for the right entertainment company, several questions usually come to mind. JG Music Productions simplifies your search by providing some answers to clients' frequently asked questions.

Q. How far in advance should I book my DJ?

You'll want to book a reputable DJ around the same time you book your church or reception venue. Most of our DJs are booked anywhere between 6 months to 2 years in advance. If you wait too long, you may get stuck with another company whose services are less professional and lower quality. 

Q. Are you insured?

Yes. JG Music Productions can provide the necessary insurance documents for your venue. Most reputable venues require $1 million or $2 million liability policy. ... If you hire a DJ without protection insurance, you might be required to provide a "wedding vendor insurance policy" to protect the venue from any liability and damages. Policies can range from $250 to $500 per policy, per vendor. 

Q. Do you provide event planning assistance? 

We have event coordinators to help plan your event from timelines, to music selections, to event traditions, etc. During the initial client meeting, we can provide the proper forms, lists, event tools, do's and don'ts, recommendations and more to get you started off on the right foot. As the date of the event nears, we reach out to our clients the week of to review final details and music selections.

Q. Can you provide references? 

Of course! We can provide references during the initial client meeting, or view online referrals here

Q. How do I know if I'm paying too much for a DJ?

The standard rate for a professional DJ in the tri-state area is between $800 and $1700. The pay range depends on the day of the week, season, times, equipment needed, ceremony coverage, and location of the event. Inexperienced DJs tend to charge lower rates to get work, so keep in mind -- you get what you pay for. 

Q. How should I pay my DJ?

We take all major credit cards, personal checks, or cash. The initial deposit of $400 is due upon contract signing and to lock in the date. Balances should be paid in full 2 weeks before the date of the event. Late payments must be made by the day of the event in the form of cash, money order, or certified bank check. Checks should be made payable to JG Music Productions Inc. 

Q. When will the DJ arrive at my event? 

Your DJ should arrive between one hour to 30 minutes before the event, depending on audio/visual set up needs. Unlike some other companies, JG Music Productions does not charge for prep time. 

Q. Do you have a back-up system?

Absolutely. JG Music Productions has a 24/7 immediate response backup service to make sure any tech blips don't mess up your special day.

Q. Will the DJ coordinate with the wedding/event planner before my affair?  

We will coordinate your event itinerary with your Maitre'D and/or banquet manager prior to the reception. We will also work with your caterer, photographer, videographer, or other vendors to ensure your event runs as smoothly as possible. 

Q. What do I or the venue need to provide for DJ services?

All we need is electricity and at least an 8x6 foot space. If your event is on a beach or park, you can rent a generator from us or a local home improvement store -- whichever is easier for you. 

Q. Do you have a wide variety of music to choose from?

Of course! All of our DJs carry an enormous music library comprised of more than 100,000 selections consisting of every genre of music created. We also have a back-up system in case of any technical blips. 

Q. Can I send a list of songs that I want played at the event?

Sure! We recommend you pick a few "must play" songs for your event, along with some other favorites you and your guests will enjoy. If you want any special announcements or dedications made during the event, just let us know -- as well as any limitations on guest requests made to the DJ. If there are some songs you just can't bear to hear, please give us that list too! Most DJs play an average of 19 to 35 songs per hour depending on the genre. Keep in mind that most events have mixed ages, so picking music can be tricky but that's what we're here for! Our DJs can advise you on songs that will guarantee a packed dance floor. 

Q. Does the DJ take requests?

Yes, unless it is inappropriate or may not fit the mood of the event. Our DJs will stay within the guidelines you set when it comes to the music selections.

Q. What is your dress code?

All of our DJs wear tuxedos to formal events or a suit and tie for semi-formal events. But you can request our entertainers to wear an outfit to fit the theme of your occasion. 

Q. Should I feed or tip the DJ at my event?

Providing a meal or tip is up to your discretion. However, an average 5-hour event becomes a 9-hour day for entertainers with set up, travel, and breakdown of the equipment -- so sometimes a vendor meal that is less expensive than a guest meal may be in order. Since entertainers usually don't get breaks, make sure your DJ is served his meal before the event or during the same time as the guests. As for a tip, our DJs are there to entertain and serve you during the entire event, so a gratuity is greatly appreciated -- especially if you feel he exceeded your expectations. 

Q. Does the type of DJ equipment matter?

Most clients don't ask about the equipment DJs use, but they should and here's why... DJs perform around 4 to 6 hours continuously without breaks. If he has a bad audio system with speaker distortion, mics that cut out, or the sound systems aren't properly set up for the size of the room -- you may end up with very long night where guests leave early. JG Music Productions has two Pioneer CDJ 2000 nexus limited edition mixers, RCF speakers and subwoofers, wireless Electro Voice and Shure microphones, a wireless and wired backup system, and a Pioneer DJJ-SX backup DJ console. 

Q. Do you use banners, signs or promotions during the event?

No. Banners and signs are gaudy, take away from the elegance or theme of the room, and may distract in photos that are meant to capture your special day.